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More Fire Hydrants in Santa Cruz de La Palma

More Fire Hydrants in Santa Cruz de La Palma

In July this year, one Eighteenth Century building and four businesses were destroyed by fire in the city of Santa Cruz de La Palma. Since then, local fire fighters have been working with the Municipality of Santa Cruz to find ways of improving fire fighting techniques in the city.

Santa Cruz de La Palma has networks of narrow and steep streets, and it has been decided that the devastating fire of July demonstrated that more fire hydrants are needed in the city to reach areas that are difficult to access and to increase the availability of water for emergencies.

Therefore, 15 new hydrants will be installed in the city in places determined to be complicated spaces for fighting fires. These are intended to safeguard the local residents and their homes and businesses, but also to prevent fires from spreading beyond the original source.

The destruction of the Eighteenth Century Casa Velez de Ontanilla was a serious loss for the city, as well as the buildings of four businesses, and it is believed that these new fire fighting measures should help to stop fires in the future, and also to prevent them from spreading so fast, as happened in July this year.

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