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​Tenerife Athlete’s Body Found in Teide

Tenerife Athlete’s Body Found in Teide

Local Tenerife resident and athlete, Victor Teni, disappeared on 1 January 2014, when he was last seen in the area. On Saturday, a body was discovered in Teide at a height of 3000 metres.

Sources of the Guardia Civil have used the evidence of where the body has been found and the decomposed state of the body could suggest that this corresponds to the Tenerife resident who disappeared in 2014, but that a definitive identification will have to wait for the results of the autopsy and DNA test results.

It was a hiker who found the body at 9.00 at the top of Mount Teide on Saturday, and reported this to the police. Later, the body was transported by a Guardia Civil helicopter to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for tests.

Victor Teni is reported to have been an experienced athlete and sportsman, and was last seen on New Year’s Day 2014 by tourists staying at the Parador de Turismo del Teide. Victor’s friends discovered his car near a mountain shelter, and when they could not locate him, they altered the local police to his disappearance. This resulted in a search of the local area made up of volunteers, friends, members of the Unidad Militar de Emergencias and officers of the Guardia Civil.

His friends and family members now wait for the results of the autopsy to confirm whether this body is the final discovery of the disappearance of Victor Teni.

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