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Flu Vaccinations Start in the Canary Islands

Flu Vaccinations Start in the Canary Islands

The vaccination against influenza campaign began this week in health centres across the Canary Islands. This vaccine is recommended for all residents over the age of 60 years, those patients with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, health professionals and other professionals who are fundamental to local communities, such as police officers and fire fighters.

This year marks a new initiative, which is a reinforced vaccine to fight flu for all residents over the age of 70 years.

These recommendations for flu vaccinations aim to reduce mortality and morbidity that is often linked to influenza, and the impact of the disease on the community. Therefore, the aim is to protect residents who are at greater risk of presenting complications in cases of flu, those who could transmit the disease to others who are at high risk of complications, and those who due to their jobs provide essential services in the community.

The Canary Islands Health Service reports that vaccinations could reduce between 75% and 80% of deaths that often occur as a result of this disease, and in Spain this accounts for around 2000 deaths each year directly linked to influenza, but this range varies in overall data from 1400 to 4000 deaths that are linked to factors related to flu. Those Canary Islands residents who are entitled to access free health care and match the criteria for this campaign are asked to telephone for an appointment for vaccination.

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