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​Chinese Company Considers the Canary Islands as Platform Between Asia and Africa

Chinese Company Considers the Canary Islands as Platform Between Asia and Africa

The representative of a Chinese business group has expressed interest in using Gran Canaria, and more specifically Arinaga, to establish a commercial link between China and North Africa.

A delegation of six Chinese companies, led by representatives of the Juerui Group, met with the President of the Government of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, to study the conditions within the Arinaga Special Zone to use it into a distribution platform for West Africa.

The representative of the business group, Jin Lin, expressed interest in Arinaga to establish a base for commercial operations. This would be a centre of logistical and technological trade to represent several market sectors, such as textiles, technology and construction materials.

Group members wanted to travel from Shanghai to Gran Canaria to analyse the possibilities and tax advantages of establishing their economic activity to West Africa from Gran Canaria. This is a project that they see as increasingly important, because of the improvements in the conditions for the project offered by the Arinaga Special Zone.

The decision will be made in the next few months, with the business group seriously studying the benefits of using Gran Canaria as a base for their activities. The business group is oriented to towards banking and investment in the technological sector, as well as exports linked to other industrial activity.

Although the representative did not wish at this early stage to suggest investment and job creation possibilities on the island, he commented that each company aims to create employment for at least five employees, which would be dependent upon economic and financial conditions.

The preliminary is the creation of central storage for distribution of products from China to Africa, but the second stage could also include the manufacture of products.

The President of the Government of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, stressed the unique possibilities within the island, including the Canary Islands Special Zone, Proexca, the Free Trade Zone, the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria, which are tools that create good economic conditions for businesses based on the island.

He also stressed that Gran Canaria has tax advantages, customs, and a strategic communication position as an enclave between Latin America, Africa and Europe. He also went on to refer to the close relationship with the Chinese people through logistics, fishing and cultural relations through San Mao and the Confucius Institute, which is a meeting place for dialogue between the cultures of China and Gran Canaria.

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