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​Some Tap Water in Gran Canaria Unfit to Drink

Some Tap Water in Gran Canaria Unfit to Drink

The Municipality of Mogan has just announced that tap water in the area of Arguineguin is not fit for human consumption, because it has detected an excess of chlorine in the water supply that is considered unfit for drinking.

Tap water in Arguineguin should not be used for drinking, cooking or preparing food until the current high levels of chlorine have returned to normal levels reported by the Public Health Department.

This restriction has been ordered as a measure to protect the health of the population and will remain in effect until technicians consider that the tap water is drinkable. The Municipality plans to carry out weekly tests over the next two months to check the chlorine levels.

In the meantime, local people in Arguineguin are advised to only drink mineral water and to use mineral water for cooking and preparing food.

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