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​Record Tourist Arrivals at Airports in the Canary Islands

Record Tourist Arrivals at Airports in the Canary Islands

At the end of each year, the airports of the Canary Islands check their arrival of passenger totals, and all airports report record numbers of tourist arrivals for 2017. However, new records have been broken at Gran Canaria airport this year with the arrival of the thirteen millionth passenger this week.

This means that for Gran Canaria airport there have been one million more tourists arriving in 2017 compared with 2016. This huge increase in tourist numbers that has created a tourist boom this year is reported to be due to the Canary Islands being seen as a safe destination for international tourists and peninsular Spanish tourists. Also, inter island ferries and flights have increased by over 30% since last July due to the 75% residents’ discount that have encouraged more local people to travel. The most important international tourist markets in 2017 have been Germany, the UK and Scandinavian countries, and many tourists from peninsular Spain.

Tenerife South Airport has also reported its highest number of tourist arrivals with the eleven millionth tourist, Alison Alexander, from Edinburgh in Scotland, who arrived with her family for their Christmas holiday in Tenerife.

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