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​Standing Ovation for Priscilla in Gran Canaria

Standing Ovation for Priscilla in Gran Canaria

The Teatro Perez Galdos in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is currently presenting the musical, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which is based on the successful film based in Australia. The audience might have thought this beautiful theatre was in Las Palmas, but the very talented cast of Priscilla quickly transported everyone to Sydney in Australia to begin a fabulous journey on a bus to Alice Springs.

All members of this cast are superb and very talented, and the well-known music and amazing costume changes created a magical atmosphere in telling the story of two drag queen performers and a transsexual performer who develop their friendship, and make other friends on this journey. The three central characters are Tick, played by the talentednJaime Zatarain, who needs to finally meet his son in Alice Springs, a larger than life Bernadette, played by Armando Pita, who wanted to escape from the death of his partner, and Felicia, played by Christian Escuredo, who showed a larger than life character, an amazing singing and dancing talent, a wicked sense of humour and a vulnerability that captured the audience.

The singing was amazing, the costumes changes were unbelievable, and the show is full of comedy, and especially the scene with the pink ping pong balls. Some of the audience joined the cast on stage to dance, and some in the front rolls ended up being showered with ping pong balls. This was an evening to remember, and can be described as a theatre experience that made everyone feel good when they left humming and singing the music that they had enjoyed so much.

Well done Priscilla, your journey of laughter, music and dance was very successful and we want to see it all again!

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