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​Autopsy Raises Questions About Woman Found Drowned in Gran Canaria

Autopsy Raises Questions About Woman Found Drowned Gran Canaria

This Sunday, a Dutch woman was found dead in the swimming pool of her house in Tauro in Gran Canaria, and the autopsy confirmed that she had appeared to have drowned in the pool, and there were no signs on her body to indicate she had suffered violence.

Officers of the Guardia Civil had considered this drowning to be the result of a criminal act, and questioned the woman’s partner, an Irish citizen, as witnesses saw him leave the property after having argued with the woman. He was later released as there was no evidence to suggest that this death was homicide.

Sources suggest that the woman was found dead in the pool area with half her body in the water with head and thorax, and the rest of her body on the outer edge of the swimming pool.

The autopsy confirms death was by immersion, so that she drowned and no violent injury was found, and police are now considering that she may have fainted and fallen partly into the pool. Investigations continue.

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