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​Boat Crew Rescued off Coast of El Hierro

Boat Crew Rescued off Coast of El Hierro

A rowing competition held to cross the Atlantic Ocean from San Sebastian de la Gomera to the Caribbean island of Antigua began on 14 December, but this week one of these boats overturned 350 miles from the southwest coast of El Hierro, and the two crew members were left floating in the water. Eventually, this capsized boat and stranded crew were identified by a passing freighter and alerted Maritime Rescue.

After eight days of this Atlantic rowing race, this boat called La Jan capsized 650 kilometres or around 350 miles to the southwest of El Hierro, and the crew were left in the sea for several hours until they were rescued by the cargo ship. They were eventually taken by Maritime Rescue aircraft to Gran Canaria airport, and given medical treatment at the local hospital.

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