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​New Museum for Fuerteventura

New Museum for Fuerteventura

The City Council of Pajara in Fuerteventura plans to build an Interpretation Centre and Museum of Modern Art in the historic centre of this town, and the Gran Canarian artist, Pepe Damso, this week laid the first stone of the museum.

It is expected that this interpretation centre and museum of modern art will be opened in the first few months of 2019 with an investment of around 1.6 million euros provided by the Canary Islands Development Fund (Fdcan).

This construction will consist of the rehabilitation of the building known as ‘Casa del Cura’, which is an example of traditional Canarian architecture, the elements of this building will be respected.

Pepe Damso said “I am very excited by the start of this work and culture and tourism can go together, which is an example of the teachings of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote.” Pepe also buried under the first stone of the museum day-to-day artefacts of the occasion that included coins, plans of the project and drawings of his responsibilities that were a symbolic act.

Marcial Morales, President of Fuerteventura Government said “It is very important to have this space that will carry a large part of the work of Pepe Damaso.” Blas Acosta, Minister of Tourism said “The importance of diversifying the tourist attractions of Fuerteventura is needed to promote the cultural axis of this type of project.”

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