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​Buy Your Next Holiday in the Canary Islands with Bitcoins

Buy Your Next Holiday in the Canary Islands with Bitcoins

The first Bitcoin Forum has just been held in Tenerife organised by the Association of Cryptocurrency Users to analyse the use of Bitcoin currency for the tourist sector of the Canary Islands. There are apparently already businesses in the Canary Islands that allow you to pay with Bitcoin currency, but this this forum suggests that digital currency offers opportunities to tourists.

At present, digital currencies move around 900 billion dollars around the world, and the Association of Users of Cryptocurrencies in the Canary Islands is calling for Bitcoin to become the currency of the future in the tourist sector.

Trading analysts explain that the purchase of Bitcoins involves the buying and selling of one currency for another, and at present there are around 1800 different digital coins. The association is also claiming that Bitcoin is one of the best long-term investments.

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