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​Fuerteventura Battles to Preserve Rainwater

Fuerteventura Battles to Preserve Rainwater

The Government of Fuerteventura has just completed a project that aims to retain rainwater across around 8 hectometres of land in the barranco or ravine of Guisguey, so that this potential rainwater is not simply lost to the sea, or take valuable topsoil in this barranco into the sea.

This project has created two sand traps within the Guiseguey ravine, which should improve the quality and level of the water stored in the subsoil of the island, and prevent soil loss. There is also an aim that by 2020 this Zero Waste Programme will store rainwater across around 12 hectometres.

Marcial Morales, President of Fuerteventura Government said “Ravines like Guisguey are where the tests have always been done for what we then could develop in all ravines of the island with the purpose that the rain seeps into the subsoil and enriches the mass of water stores in the subsoil”.

Another point of view was presented by Andres Diaz Matoso, Councillor for Water in the government, who said “the Water Department has been working intensively on dry dams by using walls to contain the topsoil need for traditional farming systems, and so recharging the water reservoirs that are needed for agriculture on the island, because water stations are traditional”.

This year, 500,000 euros has been invested in this project to meet the hydrological objectives on the use of rainwater runoff. In total, there are eight dams that cross this ravine for the retention of rainwater and topsoil, and three barriers that also reduce the effect of topsoil being carried into the sea.

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