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​New Demands for a Commission to Investigate Tragic Air Accident

New Demands for a Commission to Investigate Tragic Air Accident

Following the plane crash of Spanair JK5022 in 2008 taking off at Barajas Airport with a destination of Gran Canaria has left many Canary Islands residents demanding that a commission is created to investigate this accident. The association of those who have been affected by the Spanair plane crash have collected 70,000 signatures and are now asking local political parties to vote for this commission, so that they may at last know the ‘truth’ about this tragic incident and scrutinise the ‘official version’ they claim.

This plane crash at Barajas Airport in 2008 killed 154 people, and the President of the Flight Victims Association JK5022, Pilar Vera explained to journalists this week that the petition of 70,000 signatures and support of local politicians would send a message to government departments that they need to ‘dismantle’ the ‘version’ of the official civil aviation accident investigation commission for this plane crash. She says “We have never believed the official version of the accident, because it lies blatantly, and we hope that this new commission of enquiry will awaken the memory of all people. A country that does no accurately address the death of 154 people is condemned to repeat the same mistakes”.

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