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​Historic Tourist Numbers in Tenerife

Historic Tourist Numbers in Tenerife

By the end of 2017, the number of tourists staying in Tenerife reached 5.7 million visitors, and an increase of 1.9% compared with tourist numbers in 2016. However, Tenerife Government says the outlook for 2018 is less optimistic due to the recovery of competing destinations, such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Carlos Alonso, President of the Tenerife Government said this week that these Mediterranean countries attracted over 10 million tourists in 2017, and so the outlook for the Canary Islands in 2018 will be more complex, and more competitive.

This comparison with other countries shows that the tourist industry in Turkey grew by 24%, Egypt by 55% and Tunisia by 17.5%. At the moment, Tenerife still expects slight growth for the 2018 winter season, but the prospects for summer 2018 anticipates a fall of 4.8% due to fewer flights.

Tenerife plans to focus its appeal to tourists on more five-star hotel accommodation, which generates more tourist spending and higher-quality employment opportunities. The government says that the data for 2017 has been very good, but difficult to repeat in 2018 in terms of numbers of visitors, but not necessarily in terms of revenue if the trend continues to attract quality tourists, who spend more in holiday resorts.

In 2017, Tenerife tourism generated revenues of around 4305 million euros and 1.6% more than in 2016. It is reported that the growth in the number of visitors in 2017 was due mostly to the recovery of the Spanish tourist market, and the second most important for the island, which increased by 3.8%, compared with an increase of 1.4% for foreign tourists. The other main tourist market, the UK, grew by 0.8%, but the third largest tourist market, Germany, fell by 4.1%.

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