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​The Culture of Terrace Farming in La Gomera

The Culture of Terrace Farming in La Gomera

The International Alliance of Landscapes and Terraces (ITLA) is holding its World Congress on the island of La Gomera this week, and is also supported by the Observatorio Canario del Paisages or the Canary Islands Landscape Observatory and UNISCAPE.

Workshops are taking place during this week that focus on the approach of creative ideas for the “re-enchantment” of terraces on La Gomera and other Canary Islands. This involves sharing experiences and identifying local representatives that intend to rediscover the history of terraces of La Gomera by listening to the experiences of local farmers and terrace builders.

The first phase workshops will cover four days in total and will be based on participatory action research that is the methodology of ITLA, to create a practical landscape manual and to exchange methodological experiences that are currently carried out.

The second phase will take place in September this year, and the proposals for action and initiatives will be presented in the fourth congress in March 2019.

The president of La Gomera Government, Casimiro Curbelo, explained that the island government has initiated a project to recover the terraces of La Gomera, which cover 38% of the island’s landscape with an investment of around 3 million euros. This World Congress to explore landscapes and terraces is organised by the International Alliance of Landscapes and Terraces (ITLA), La Gomera Government, the Canary Islands Landscape Observatory, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna in Tenerife.

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