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​Weather Conditions in Gran Canaria to Get Considerably Worse

Weather Conditions in Gran Canaria Today to Get Considerably Worse

Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Minister of Environment and Emergencies of Gran Canaria Government issued a statement today that the weather conditions on the island will get considerably worse during the day. He said that although all roads are now open, there are very strong winds and at the Pico de las Nieves the temperatures have fallen to very low levels of 1ºC.

The problem today is that four weather phenomena will occur at the same time with wind, rain, waves on the coast and snowfall, and snow could even fall in the area of Las Lagunetas in the municipality of San Mateo.

Rodriguez explains that snow and ice sheets on roads could close many roads from Las Lagunetas to higher regions, and that many local residents could find themselves to be isolated.

Residents are asked for maximum cooperation, because it is dangerous to drive in these conditions, and although snowfall can attract a lot of interest to enjoy this unusual phenomenon in the Canary Islands, it also currently presents a very dangerous situation.

Local residents in northern regions and higher open spaces in Gran Canaria are also asked to remove pots with plants and other ornaments near to windows, as wind speeds could exceed 100 kilometres per hour, and branches of trees could fall and landslides could block roads. Therefore, maximum caution is needed for all residents, and people should avoid driving until the weather conditions improve.

Fishermen are also asked not to go out on boats as sea conditions are currently potentially dangerous, and the public are asked not to park their cars in dry ravines, as these ravines could flood with the heavy rains expected in these regions. Currently, there are over 500 government employees working to maintain the security of the island and its residents.

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