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​Gran Canaria Hits New Record for Tourist Numbers

Gran Canaria Hits New Record for Tourist Numbers

A press release from the Gran Canaria Government confirms a new historical record for the number of tourists visiting during 2017, and these 4,587,000 tourists represent an increase of 8.6% and 363,900 more visitors than 2016.

This press release also states that in just two years, the number of people choosing Gran Canaria as their holiday destination increased by 23% and reflects 870,000 more visitors.

Gran Canaria has experienced the highest growth in the arrival of foreign tourists during 2017 with 10% or 360,000 more international visitors than in 2016, and has served to mark a new historical figure with more than 4 million international visitors.

The Scandinavian market has been of significant importance in 2017 for Gran Canaria and overcome the previous barrier of one million tourists from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and now stands at 1,030,000 visitors from these countries. This shows an increase of 9.7% and 91,300 more visitors compared to 2016.

Germany contributed 1,011,000 tourists with a 5.5% increase, and UK tourists increased by 52% with 300,000 more visitors in three years.

The French market continues to grow with 8.8% increase and 108,000 more French visitors, and has quadrupled in the last seven years. Italian tourists represent a doubling of tourists over the last six years, and 19.26% increase or 17,900 Italians more in 2017.

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