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​Criminal Gang Arrested in Lanzarote

Criminal Gang Arrested in Lanzarote

Police in Lanzarote have arrested four Romanian nationals who are accused of being part of an itinerant group of thieves with criminal records in the main tourist areas of Spain following a complaint from a Romanian woman.

Those arrested are two men and two women aged from 30 and 33 years, and are now charged with illegal detention, coercion, threats and robbery. Police were alerted to this criminal gang by a Romanian woman who had been hired to travel from Romania to Lanzarote to care for the children of this gang.

This woman has reported that since arriving in Lanzarote, she has suffered constant threats and coercion and had been held for several days against her will in a house in Arrecife, but she managed to escape and contacted the police.

In the operation, two homes had been registered to these gang members in Arrecife and Orzola, and agents removed numerous perfumes, bags, wallets, high-end mobile phones and computer tablets. The police say that the four detainees have an extensive itinerant criminal career in Spain, which began in 2004 in Palma de Mallorca and included many other tourist areas from the Costa Brava to the Canary Islands.

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