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​More New Buses for Gran Canaria Passengers

More New Buses for Gran Canaria Passengers

The Global bus company announced this week at a meeting in Ingenio that it is purchasing 15 new buses at a total cost of 3.5 million euros. These buses will come equipped with the latest technologies to increase safety for passengers, such as automatic emergency braking.

Since 2016, 96 vehicles have been added by Global to replace its oldest vehicles, and this renovation has been financed by Gran Canaria Government.

During his speech, the General Director of Global, Victor Quintana said this was needed to promote messages and strategies that spread the values and benefits of public transport, such as energy efficiency and sustainable development.

This meeting was attended by the Mayor of Ingenio, Juan Diaz, the Minister of Transport and Mobility of Gran Canaria Government, Juan Francisco Trujillo Marrero, the Managing Director of the Single Transport Authority of Gran Canaria AUTGC, Miguel Angel Perez del Pino and Councillor for Transport and First Lieutenant of the Mayor of Ingenio, Juan Rafael Caballero.

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