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​La Graciosa Battery for Interconecta Project Finally Arrives

La Graciosa Battery for Interconecta Project Finally Arrives

The small island of La Graciosa off the coast of Lanzarote has now installed a hybrid battery to complete the operating system of the smart micro-grid system for the integration of renewable energies in the island, and this hybrid battery has just completed its journey from Seville.

The electric company and the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands (ITC) have been working since 2015 on this project to create a stable self-supply of clean energy on La Graciosa. This battery has been manufactured by the Andalusian company CEN Solutions and is a hybrid energy storage equipment and a critical element of this project, which aims to improve the energy management of the intelligent micro-network. This should allow testing of its effectiveness in the injection or absorption of energy at all times.

This model hybridises two different storage technologies to increase capacity in power and energy density, using ultra capacitors to provide high power density and saline batteries to provide high energy density. This system can provide maximum power of 200 kVA (kilo volts times amperes), but the system has been electronically limited to 100 kVA to comply with current regulations in low voltage networks.

The Graciosa Project has had an investment of around 2.4 million euros to install photovoltaic installations in private homes and the education centre on the island with an electric micro-grid where different technologies have been incorporated with this new battery. The system should enable the electric company to extract data of interest to move towards more sustainable solutions of clean energy supply, and lead to energy self-sufficiency of La Graciosa systems.

This Interconecta 2015 project has been supported by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, and Structural Funding from the European Union. Other support has been provided by the Andalusian Industrial Research and Cooperation Association, the Research Foundation of the University of Seville, the University Pontificia de Comillas, the University of La Laguna, and the Foundation for Research, Development in Information Technology Information in Andalusia, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Trade and Government Knowledge.

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