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​New Footbridge for Las Palmas to Connect Port with Las Canteras

New Footbridge for Las Palmas to Connect Port with Las Canteras

The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has just awarded the contract to construct a footbridge to enable tourists from the port area to access Las Canteras Beach called the Atlantic Wave Port to Tecyr Construcciones y Reparaciones Company for an investment of 2.3 million euros.

Javier Doreste representing the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria said that this is an important project that should be completed during the summer of 2018 and will improve connections and accessibility between the port and the city, and will specifically help to facilitate access for cruise ship passengers who arrive in the port, but often do not enter the city.

This new footbridge will bring these tourists to the great attractions of the capital city, such as Las Canteras Beach, the district of La Isleta and the Mercado del Puerto. Architects Javier Haddad and Ramon Checa are responsible for the design chosen by public contest, and this will create a pedestrian walkway of a curved outline of 283 metres in length, and will connect the Plaza Mayor Manolo Garcia, located next to the Mercado del Puerto with the northern end of the Sanapu Pier in an aerial route over the GC-1.

This footbridge will be built with a metallic structure, covered by steel sheet with concrete slabs that will serve as the basis for the foundations for the structure. This footbridge will be around 6 metres wide and will normally have a height of around 3 metres, but reach over 5 metres when crossing the GC-1.

The City Council will install 100 square metres of solar panels that will generate the necessary electricity from low consumption LED lights that will be placed along the footbridge. The surface of the footbridge where people and bikes can circulate will have a slope of around 6% and will respect accessibility guidelines. The Canary Islands Development Fund will finance this project.

The designers of the project opted for an idea inspired by the naval industry, discarding screws in the structure and using steel as the main material, since that guarantees 15 years of good health of the footbridge without problems of conservation or maintenance.

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