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​Photographic Exhibition at Lanzarote Airport

Photographic Exhibition at Lanzarote Airport

From this week until 5 March, Lanzarote Airport is hosting a photographic exhibition called ‘Beginnings’ that uses the camera obscura technique. The Art School of Pancho Lasso in Lanzarote asked students to take a trip into the past with a photographic exhibition that uses camera obscura or pinhole images made with cameras from cardboard boxes and soda cans. This would help students to learn more about this technique, as well as the principles of photography.

Over 40 students aged between 17 years and 50 years exhibited around 100 images that attempted to show their creativity by playing with handcrafted devices that led to the development of modern day cameras. The result is described as almost ethereal images of the environment of Lanzarote.

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