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​Stop Buying Stolen Avocados in Tenerife

Stop Buying Stolen Avocados in Tenerife

Los Realejos in Tenerife has just launched a campaign to stop the sale of stolen avocados to fight against the growing theft of avocados from local farms in the municipality. It seems that nowadays, thieves are less interested in diamonds and more interested in avocados, as they are easier to sell to local residents.

Officers of the Guardia Civil in Tenerife are investigating thefts of over 5000 kilos of avocados in this municipality and places of sale for this product. Potential purchasers of these stolen avocados are also warned that they may pose a health risk if eaten, as chemical treatments applied during the growing season may not be completed, and these substances could prove to be harmful to public health.

Also, in recent months there have been thefts of around 30,000 kilos of this fruit in La Palma and Tenerife.

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