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​European Snowstorms Delay Flights from Canary Islands

European Snowstorms Delay Flights from Canary Islands

The 'Beast from the East' snowstorms, Storm Emma rainstorms and subsequent flooding across the UK and Northern European countries over recent days have caused considerable problems for flights leaving Canary Islands’ airports.

This weekend has seen long delays for flights for those who wanted to return to their homes after a Canarian holiday, and passengers have had to wait for updates on the information panels at airports. However, there have also been delays for holidaymakers wanting to start their holidays, as incoming flights from the UK and some other Northern European countries were delayed or cancelled.

For passengers in Canary Islands’ airports this weekend the delays in take off times were between one and two hours, but some airports reported much longer delays for flights returning tourists to their home countries. These delays and some cancellations could also lead to further disruption over the next few days as planes will not be in the right airport for scheduled flights. Travellers should check with their airline to confirm take off times before starting any journeys.

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