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Pollution Risks from Sunken Boats in Fuerteventura Port

Sunken Boats in Fuerteventura Harbour Poses Pollution Risks

The Advisory Committee of the Accident Prevention Plan for Accidental Marine Pollution or PECMAR decided this week to install more containment barriers in the port of Gran Tarajal in Fuerteventura following the sinking of boats during the recent wind and rain storms, and the belief that these will be discharging fuel.

However, the conditions of the sea and low visibility in the seawater have restricted access for underwater inspection tasks to be carried out to analyse the exact situation of these sunken boats.

Therefore, the local response team has been focusing on the cleanliness of fuel oil that is inside the dock, as well as the containment of leaking fuel oil with antipollution barriers close to the fishing wharf. When conditions improve, divers will analyse the precise situation of all sunken boats and take appropriate measures to extract fuel from these, seal these leaks and attempt to re-float the boats.

It is reported that divers will first focus on those sunken boats that are assessed as the most polluting ones and the ease of extracting the fuel.

Fernando Clavijo, President of Government of the Canary Islands said “there are three clear priorities: the first, protect people, the second, assess the risk of material damage and possible spills, and the third, articulate all necessary means to minimise and repair the damage.” He also stressed the collaboration of all administrations and the importance of these measures to recover the operability and security of the port, so that fishermen can restart their activity as soon as possible.

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