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​Rainstorms Save the Agricultural Industry in the Canary Islands

Rainstorms Save the Agricultural Industry in the Canary Islands

The recent rainstorms that have dominated local news reports have also added around 17 million cubic metres of rainwater to the reservoirs of Gran Canaria, and as well as leaving unusually green fields, these torrents of rain have guaranteed water reserves on the island.

The Government of Gran Canaria reports that these rain storms have saved the agricultural sector, and the accumulated water in reservoirs will provide a significant amount of water to cope more easily with local needs, since the drought of recent years has required work to transfer water from the capital region to the south with significant investment.

In Tenerife, according to the latest official data, the reservoirs are at 58% capacity, but there are many reservoirs that exceed this average capacity with Valle Molina in Tegueste that has 87% capacity.

The recent torrential rainstorms have specifically benefited the reservoirs in Vilaflor, Granadilla, Arico, Fasnia and Isla Baja.

The benefit of these heavy downpours means that crops that previously had been at risk, such as vineyards in the south or potatoes in the southwest are now saved.

The Tenerife Government says that it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of April to be able to assess whether these rains have now guaranteed the water supply for the rest of the year.

The other positive news after the storm winds and torrential rains is that although there were many reported incidents from wind and rain damage, there were no serious incidents affecting the local population and no significant damage to plantations. Also, where the central area of Gran Canaria had been badly burned during the summer, no damage was caused by rain washing away soil areas, as in these regions the intensity of rain was moderate.

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