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​New Foster Care Guide in the Canary Islands

New Foster Care Guide in the Canary Islands

A report issued this week by the Minister of Employment and Social Policy of the Government of the Canary Islands highlights that during 2017, the Canary Islands had 2,005 children described as vulnerable, and 57% of these lived with foster families. Most of these vulnerable children lived with relatives, but 192 lived with a family other than their own.

Cristina Valido, Minister of Employment and Social Policy indicated that the number of foster families has increased in recent years, and this number is likely to grow, so that vulnerable children can count on the love of a stable family at times of crisis in their lives.

With this increase in foster families, the Family Foster Guide has been published containing all necessary information offered to people who wish to foster a child for a period of time, which is available as printed copies or from the Canary Islands Government website.

At present, vulnerable children remain with their host family for a maximum of two years, but in some cases this time period can be extended. In the case of brothers or sisters, it is normal to keep these together with a foster family.

To be a foster family, it is necessary to pass a selection process in which the suitability or not or those who are willing to take care of a young person is evaluated in a process that lasts on average between four and six months. Once considered to be suitable, foster families become part of a bank of families willing to foster vulnerable children at times of crisis.

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