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​Subsidy for Buying an Electric Car in Fuerteventura

Subsidy for Buying an Electric Car in Fuerteventura

The Government of Fuerteventura wants to encourage more drivers to use non-polluting cars, and is now offering up to 2000 euros for individuals who want to buy an electric car.

This Government of Fuerteventura has also shown in commitment to greater use of electric cars on the roads of this island by renewing its own fleet of cars with electric cars, and some of these visited the school at Lajares this week, and local children were fascinated to learn more about greater use of electric cars.

In addition, the Government announced this week a further incentive for encouraging more people to buy electric cars by installing more free charging stations across the island. Over the next few months, the current number of electric car charging stations of six will increase to eleven, and to be spread across the island.

Currently, there are only about 30 electric cars driving on the roads of Fuerteventura, but expect soon to see more with this Government discounted price.

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