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​Scabies Infection Discovered in Tenerife

Scabies Infection Discovered in Tenerife

The Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands issued a statement this week regarding the situation at the Centro de Enseñanzas Obligatorias Bethencourt y Molina or local teaching centre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where a case of scabies was detected. The report says “the situation is completely normal, since the case of scabies was immediately controlled, and all necessary measures have been taken to ensure that this infection does not spread to other children at the centre.”

The management of the teaching centre asked the Ministry to address public concern and “to calm the families as this news is being repeated on local news media, but only relates to one single case of scabies that was detected in the student centre.”

This skin disease in one of the students was immediately reported to the General Directorate of Public Health and the families of other children at this teaching centre. Given the doubts that some parents held about how this health situation was being handled, an information meeting was held to answer questions and to attempt to resolve concerns.

This centre says “All recommended prophylactic measures have been taken, and it has been found that there has been no transmission of the disease to others at the centre, so that daily activities continue with complete normality. However, the appearance of more news and statements about this case of scabies have generated renewed concerns for these local families, who have transmitted their worries to the centre’s management, which has asked the Ministry to carry out wider communication to clear any doubts.”

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