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​Desperate Search for Missing Man in Lanzarote

Desperate Search for Missing Man in Lanzarote

Emergency rescue teams have been desperately searching the coast of Haria in Lanzarote for a 53-year-old man who disappeared while believed to be bathing in the natural pools of Charco del Palo.

This search began when a call was made to the 112 Emergency Services to inform them that a foreign citizen had not returned to his home.

Subsequently, the personal belongings of this missing man were found next to the natural pools of Charco del Palo, which led to the focus for this search in the area of the north coast of Lanzarote.

The coastal area was searched by the Government of the Canary Islands two rescue boats and two rescue helicopters with support from agents of the Guardia Civil, Policia Local and Civil Protection.

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