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​Bodies of Same Family Found in South of Tenerife

Bodies of Same Family Found in South of Tenerife

Officers of the Guardia Civil arrested a young man this week who has now confessed to killing his parents and his grandfather, whose bodies with stab wounds were found in a house in the town of Guaza in the Tenerife Municipality of Arona.

The corpses correspond to a man of about 80 years, his daughter of around 60 years and her husband of about 70 years.

The arrested youth is the son of the married couple and grandson of the 80-year-old man, and was arrested when he was shown to have blood remains and cuts that could be related to this case.

The 80-year-old man was an entrepreneur from La Palma who had returned to the Canary Islands after emigrating to Venezuela. Reports confirm that all the deceased are Canarian residents.

The youth has been brought before the justice courts, and the judge has decreed the details of his name and other details to remain secret at this time.

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