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​Free Recharging Points for Electric Cars in Gran Canaria

Free Recharging Points for Electric Cars in Gran Canaria

This week four recharging points for electric cars were officially opened in the south east of Gran Canaria that are powered by renewable energies, as they are powered by photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.

The President of the Government of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, stressed that it is a project that consolidates the commitment of this region for sustainability and serves as a model for the rest of the municipalities on the island.

Oscar Hernandez, Mayor of Aguimes and Dunia Gonzalez, Mayor of Santa Lucia de Tirajana, and first deputy mayor of Ingenio, Rafael Caballero declared this initiative to be a true historical milestone in the journey begun years ago by the region to promote the use of renewable energy for electric cars.

Antonio Morales reiterated his strong commitment to the policies that are committed to sustainability and the promotion of renewable energies, and his satisfaction that these policies have now reached the south east region of Gran Canaria.

He also said “the Government is working on a project called Ecoisla, in which these works are framed and which are based on four main lines of action: energy sovereignty, food sovereignty, social protection of people with fewer resources and the impulse to promote renewable energies.”

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