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​Tasers Now Available for Police in Lanzarote

Tasers Now Available for Police in Lanzarote

Across all the Canary Islands, more and more Policia Local officers have been given electronic containment devices, and known colloquially as electric pistols, but many would call these Tasers. However, the officers of the Policia Local in the Municipality of Tias in Lanzarote have been last to have been provided with these weapons, and now have four of these in their arsenal.

Whoever uses one of these Tasers must have a certificate from the General Directorate of Security, have complete control of the management of this electronic containment device, and take into account that there is an indelible fingerprint that records when the device is used.

The shot is usually made at a distance of 7 metres, and officers are trained not to fire at the genital area or head of any person being arrested.

Statistics indicate that these new weapons cause much less damage to the subject, compared to injuries sustained if several agents had been involved without these electric pistols.

Lanzarote criminals have been warned to expect shocking treatment if they resist arrest or run away.

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