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​More Investment for Roads Across the Canary Islands

More Investment for Roads Across the Canary Islands

The Ministry of Development plans to increase investment to invest to improve the roads of the Canary Islands with an increase of 89 million euros.

The Yellow Book of the new budgets includes summaries of the investment funding for the Canary Islands for 2018 which was presented to the Congress of Deputies this week by Cristobal Montoro, Minister of Finance.

Full details of the new budget have not yet been made public, but there are some relevant items noted in this summary for the Canary Islands. Other new funding for the Canary Islands includes funds allocated to the Special Employment Plan of the Canary Islands linked to educational infrastructure that increases to 42 million euros in 2018 from the previous year of 10 million, and so this funding has quadrupled.

More investment is also planned for improving water storage infrastructure and subsidies for urban transport.

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