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​Tourists in Gran Canaria Face More Scams Buying Tablet Computers

Tourists in Gran Canaria Face More Scams Buying Tablet Computers

Officers of the Guardia Civil this week arrested two workers at two electronic shops in Puerto Rico in the south of Gran Canaria, who are alleged perpetrators of scams to trick tourists with a method known as the tablet scam.

This scam involved selling a tablet device to older foreign tourists at a price much lower than the market price, at around 70 euros.

These scammers then convince foreign tourists to install a Wi-Fi application, which actually does not exist, and then sold the tablets on the day they were due to return to their country of origin. So, these tourists were asked to return at the end of their holiday to collect their tablet.

However, these scammers then charged the customers’ credit card with a much higher amount than they had agreed, and often over 1000 euros. Therefore, victims of this scam only became aware of this fraudulent crime when they were already in their home countries.

These arrests were carried out because two tourists reported what had happened. The first realised at the airport of Gran Canaria, and the other returned to the island to report this scam to the police.

Tourists are warned to avoid shops that offer bargains that are too cheap or shops that try too hard to sell their products. Also, credit card payments need a PIN code, but these scammers try to confuse older foreign tourists by offering them a drink, souvenirs or another free electronic product of unknown brand to learn the PIN code and then use this illegally to commit crime.

These are serious cases of fraud and reflect very badly on honest local shops in tourist zones, but these criminals in Puerto Rico are now arrested and about to face justice in local criminal courts in Maspalomas.

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