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​American Cruise Ship Makes First Stop in El Hierro

American Cruise Ship Makes First Stop in El Hierro

The American cruise ship MV Seaburn Quest with 432 passengers and 350 crew members this week made its first stop in El Hierro.

Cruise ship passengers were offered two excursions to learn more about the beautiful island of El Hierro. One excursion included visits to the Valle del Golfo, Punta Grande, Ecomuseum de Guinea/ Lagartario and Mirado La Peña.

The second excursion included visits to the town of La Restinga, Mirador de Tanajara and the Museum of La Restinga.

For those cruise passengers who wanted to stay more local to the port, local companies and those offering examples of local crafts on the island set up a small market in the port area near to the cruise ship.

Hopefully, more American Cruise ships will now call at El Hierro to discover its special treasures.

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