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Positive Growth Predicted for Summer Season Tourism in the ​Canary Islands

Positive Growth Predicted for Summer Season Tourism in the Canary Islands

The Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands reported this week that the projected numbers of tourists visiting during the summer season will be maintained, and should grow by around 0.8% compared to 2017, and so an extra 90,000 tourists will soon be welcomed on the islands.

The current reservations reported by scheduled and charter airlines confirm that although British demand is slightly lower at -1.4% or around 126.000 seats, the flights coming from the Peninsula will compensate with a growth of 7.8% compared to last year or 216,000 more passengers.

This significant increase in tourism from the Peninsula market during the summer season is remarkable following only very modest growth over recent years claims the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands.

With respect to the British tourist market, the bankruptcy of Monarch Airline and continuing uncertainty over Brexit have made it difficult for airlines to make decisions, but German airline companies have been growing very positively so far this year.

According to data from ReiseAnalyse, 70% of Germans already have their holidays planned for the early months of the year, 19% are reported to be thinking about where to go, and only 11% of those surveyed do not plan to travel from Germany this year. Most airlines increase their regular capacity, as well as charter flight companies, based on meeting the demand from tourists to take their holiday in the Canary Islands.

Increased interest in taking a summer holiday in the Canary Islands is also shown from many other countries with booked air flights from Switzerland with 60,210 places up 26.1%, Czech Republic with 5,430 places up 13.4%, Poland with 31,383 places up 12.9%, Finland with 4,184 up 7.4%, Iceland with 2,207 up 6.9%, Ireland with 21,518 places up 5.5%, Portugal with 3954 up 4.7%, France with 12,503 up 3.6%, Romania with 378 places up 2.2%, Russia with 769 places up 1.5% and Israel, which is a new air flight route from Tel Aviv to Tenerife South with 9,261 places.

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