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​Firefighting Network Expanded in La Palma

Firefighting Network Expanded in La Palma

It was announced this week that the firefighting network of La Palma will be expanded during the next few months to provide better fire protection in the El Pilar area in the Municipality of El Paso.

There is already an operational system in two large areas of the island, and specifically in several ravines of the northwest region where it is difficult to stop fires at high altitudes before the steep slopes of this region from the access road to Roque de los Muchachos from Santa Cruz de La Palma, where a similar situation is experienced.

El Pilar seeks to protect this large area of pine forest at the ridge of the island, and where many use the recreational areas provided here.

The contract for this work has already been awarded and will be carried out in the coming months, and with the expectation that it will be completed before the arrival of summer.

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