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​Gran Canaria Begins Identification of Those Executed During Civil War

Gran Canaria Begins Identification of Those Executed During Civil War

Experts from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have this week started the initial phase of identifying the remains of bodies buried in a mass grave in Vegueta in Las Palmas who were executed, but families of these victims of the Civil War want these remains identified, so that they can at last bury their parents or grandparents.

The Government of Gran Canaria has accelerated the procedures to exhume bodies from this pit in collaboration with the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is also believed that two of the five men shot at San Lorenzo could have had their bodies put in this mass grave.

Paco Gonzalez remembers the torture that his grandfather, Francisco Gonzalez, lived, who was a trade unionist and one of those murdered during the Civil War. Paco frequently visits the cell where he was held before being killed. It is in the old town hall, and retains the bars and structure it had 81 years ago. According to Gonzalez, “It was about killing to scare the rest of the population, just imagine what it could be like at the time of the death of 20 people in Tamaraceite; to shake people up and to burden the opposition.”

He also said, “For us, this 2018 is the year of truth, of the reparation of justice, and it is the year of closing wounds.”

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