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​New Flood Prevention Scheme for Tenerife

New Flood Prevention Scheme for Tenerife

Carlos Alonso, President of the Government of Tenerife, and Manuel Dominguez, Mayor of Los Realejos this week visited the works that being undertaken in Avenida Islas Canarias de Los Realejos that should resolve the risk of flooding in the main urban artery of this town.

These works are financed 90% by the Government through the Island Council of Aguas de Tenerife (CIATF) and the rest by the City Council of Los Realejos as a collaborative agreement signed last year.

The first two phases of the project will divert the waters of the Barranco de Palo Blanco before entering the urban area to el Barranco de Godinez. This action is funded 100% by the Government with an investment of 2.7 million euros. However, the bidding for this project had been delayed as a bidder had to be replaced when requesting a change in the classification needed for bidding documents.

The Mayor of Los Realejos said “We have made a joint effort to solve and ensure citizen’s security, and we will work as quickly as possible, and the deadline for the completion of these works is 10 months.”

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