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​Suspended Sentence for Elderly Tenerife Resident for Killing Burglar

Suspended Sentence for Elderly Tenerife Resident for Killing Burglar

The jury has now considered the defendant, the elderly Tenerife resident, Jacinto S.M. guilty of the death of one of the two young men who broke into his house in Tenerife in 2015, but proposes that his sentence be suspended or he be pardoned, due to his advanced age and for having acted in defence of his life and that of his family.

Jancinto S.M., currently aged 83 years, was tried this week for the death of Jonas C.R., one of two men who attempted burglary in his house in Arafo, when the defendant was with his wife and his sister.

The jury based their decision on the proven facts of what was said by the accused, his wife, his sister – who only heard the screams of the altercation having locked herself in the bathroom – and the assailant who survived, Christian, who was underage at the time.

The jury accepted that the defendant fired the shot that caused the death of Jonas C.R. in self-defence and that of his wife, and that the old man was in a situation of anguish and fear provoked by the young men, who were masked.

The two young men, Jonas and Christian had planned to steal money they could find in the house, and had used a simulated gun to threaten the elderly family, and caused them various injuries.

The Public Prosecutor said that she will not oppose the suspension of the sentence, and has agreed to the request to investigate Christian, the underage youth, for illegal possession of weapons, but not related to homicide.

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