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Forest Fire in Tenerife Still Out of Control

Forest Fire in Tenerife Still Out of Control

The forest fire across the municipalities of Granadilla and Vilaflor in Tenerife has burned over 250 hectares of pine forest and scrub with a perimeter of 7.8 kilometres, and the eastern flank of the fire continues to be active heading in the direction of the summit of the municipality of Arico. The western flank is now under control.

During the night, helicopters that had been used to extinguish the fire during daylight hours had to stop, and fire fighting had to be continued by troops of the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

The Tenerife Government also mobilised 120 people to fight the spread of the fire. Three helicopters have been used and two hydroplanes are also ready to the used. Eleven fire fighters trained for forest fires from Gran Canaria Government departments were also deployed to help this serious fire situation.

The initial hypothesis about the origin of the fire is reported to suggest it was started intentionally.

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