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Immigrants and Drugs Arrive at Teguise in Lanzarote

Immigrants and Drugs Arrive at Teguise in Lanzarote

Shortly after landing their boat at Playa de Famar in Lanzarote, 13 Maghrebi immigrants were met by officers of the Guardia Civil. One of the immigrants had to be transferred to the Molina Orosa Hospital in Arrecife, as he had a fractured arm.

The Guardia Civil officers suspected that this boat was carrying a supply of hashish to the island, and after checking the health of the other immigrants, four large bales were discovered, along with a fifth divided into small packages in a vehicle that had picked up five of the immigrants. The weight of the seized drug was reported to be 100 to 125 kilos.

Maghrebis are native people of northwest Africa, and known for hundreds of years as Moors, and the land of Moors described by the Romans are now known as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Following court appearances for these 13 Maghrebi immigrants, six of these were sent to prison for the crime of attempting to import and sell illegal drugs. The rest of these immigrants were released by police with charges. Among those also charged in this investigation included the supposed owner of the boat and two other men allegedly picking up the immigrants and drugs.

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