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​New Strategy to Attract Tourists to El Hierro

New Strategy to Attract Tourists to El Hierro

The Government of El Hierro this week adopted a new marketing strategy to attract more tourists to the island, and from now on, the new slogan to promote tourism will be ‘El Hierro, the Island with Soul’.

Belen Allende, President of the Government of El Hierro explained that they have started from the basis that El Hierro is not an island for all tourists, but by working closely with all the municipalities on the island they have identified what unique features and qualities El Hierro has that would attract more to visit.

It is reported that what would encourage more tourists to take holidays in El Hierro would be best focused on the best the island has to offer, such as diving to explore the seabed, especially since the new underwater volcano erupted in 2011, which has attracted much interest from visitors.

Other unique attractions that are offered in El Hierro include hiking, as the island has more kilometres of hiking trails than roads, and is an important motivation to visit the island. In addition, the greenness of the island that is reflected in forests of trees and viewpoints from the summits of the interior, make a start difference to many tourist centres who mainly attract visitors who want beaches and swimming pools, and often do not want to leave their all-inclusive hotels.

It is also reported that most tourists who visit El Hierro for their holidays are people from the peninsular and from the other Canary Islands, but it is now hoped to attract more international tourists who are attracted to the unique and outstanding features offered this beautiful island, and to discover the ‘soul’ of this magical space.

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