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Rock Art Figures Discovered on Lanzarote Beach

Rock Art Figures Discovered on Lanzarote Beach

A tourist visiting Playa del Reducto in Lanzarote while on holiday recently noticed intense black rocks on the beach, and at closer inspection he discovered the carvings of around 60 soliform figures.

Soliforms are interesting cave engravings that have only been reported in La Palma. The name is based on circular shaped symbols with internal parts segmented by lines and curves. These have been interpreted on La Palma as evidence of aboriginal shrines and important information about early life on the Canary Islands.

This discovery has now been reported to the Heritage Department of the Government of Lanzarote, and experts will now attempt to determine if these carvings on the black rocks of Playa del Reducto are authentic or not.

This tourist, Juan Carlos Campos, says in his blog that discovering these groups of carved soliform figures was the result of chance. This is undoubtedly a surprise for the residents of Arrecife. Campos claims that this group of figures, which exceeds 60 in total, must become a cultural icon for the island of Lanzarote, because there is no known concentration of soliform figures elsewhere in Lanzarote.

However, others suggest that these rock art features could have been created by natural causes, such as sea erosion, or they could have been created in recent years by artists interested in rock art creation, rather than created in pre-Hispanic times.

Therefore, experts in the Heritage department of the Government of Lanzarote should soon determine the nature of these newly discovered engravings.

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