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​Unemployment Falls in the Canary Islands

Unemployment Falls in the Canary Islands

The number of unemployed in the Canary Islands fell during the first quarter of 2018 by 18,000 people compared with the previous quarter, and marks a fall of 7.32%, with a current number of unemployed at 228,400 people according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The Survey of the Active Population (EPA) reveals that in the last 12 months, unemployment has decreased across the Canary Islands by 51,400 people with an 18.36% fall, and leaves the Canary Islands unemployment rate at 20.62% of the active population, and almost four points above the national average of 16.74%.

These statistics indicate that the Canarian economy created 7,600 net jobs between the months of January and March, while the active population of the islands was reduced by 10,400 people. As a result, unemployment fell in these three months by 18,000 people.

Over the last year, in the Canary Islands 69,800 net jobs were generated and the active population of these islands grew by 18,400 people.

By gender, in the Canary Islands, there are currently 113,900 men seeking employment and cannot find it (19.18%) and 114,500 women in the same situation (22.28%).

By provinces, the unemployment rate in Las Palmas is currently 20.93% of the active population, and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife it is 20.27%.

At present, the Canary Islands is the fourth region with the highest unemployment rate, along with Extremadura with 25.94%, Andalusia with 24.74% and Castilla-La Mancha with 20.68%.

Across the whole of Spain, unemployment rose in the first quarter by 29,400 people compared with the previous period, or 0.78% to a current number of 3.79 million people unemployed, or 16.74% of the active population.

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