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​Grey Pilot Whales Sanctuary off Fuerteventura Coast

Grey Pilot Whales Sanctuary off Fuerteventura Coast

A marine biologist, Alberto Sarabia, is conducting a research project studying grey pilot whales, and reports that he has detected around 200 of these whales off the north coast of Fuerteventura. This research now continues across all the coastline of Fuerteventura to create a detailed record of grey pilot whales in the coastal waters of this island to identify this particular sanctuary.

Many tourists who visit Fuerteventura take boat trips to witness whales and dolphins in these coastal waters, and this research confirms the importance of grey pilot whales that pass through this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Alberto is currently investigating the population and characteristics of these whales for his research project, but is also gathering information to understand more about these creatures that are an important part of the marine environment of Fuerteventura.

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