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First Stones Laid of Science and Technology Park of Tenerife

First Stones Laid of Science and Technology Park of Tenerife

The works of the future building of the Science and Technology Park of Tenerife (INTech Tenerife), which will be located in the Cuevas Blancas area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have begun with the laying of the first stone of the headquarters.

This event this week was attended by the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, President of the Government of Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Jose Manuel Bermudez, and the sub delegate of the Government in the province, Guillermo Diaz Guerra.

The construction of the headquarters of the Park, which has been awarded funding of 5.8 million euros to Acciona, has a deadline of 18 months and is funded by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund and 15% by the Government of Tenerife through the INTech.

This Science and Technology Park is intended to house technology companies from the Canary Islands and from beyond the Canary Islands through entrepreneurial processes.

It is believed that thanks to coordination between all administrations this will help to change the development model for the Canary Islands, so that the islands do not depend so much on tourism, and that young people are given better opportunities in their own region without having to leave to find work.

The Government of Tenerife also reports that the INTech building will create a stimulus for the technological and scientific sector, which does not currently have much presence on the island, and that 30 million euros has already been dedicated to infrastructures related to the Park, such as the Urban Scientific and Technological Park of La Laguna, in Hogar Gomero and in the urbanisation of Cuevas Blanca.

The Spanish Government sub-delegate, Guillermo Diaz Guerra, highlighted the 120 million euro interest free loan provided by the Government of Spain for the development of Canary Islands technology parks, which should serve to attract investments and an opportunity for synergy between companies.

The new building will provide spaces for the lodging and incubation of technology-based companies and business incubators, with complementary services, such as training rooms, videoconferencing rooms, laboratories, auditorium, library, parking, cafeteria and restaurant facilities and a kindergarten.

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