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​Habitat Project for Homeless People in Tenerife

Habitat Project for Homeless People in Tenerife

After living in a cave in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for around 20 years, Manuel this week became the first beneficiary of the Habitat project for homeless people on the island. His new home, located in Santa Maria del Mar, is one of ten homes that will be delivered to people at risk of social exclusion in the capital of Tenerife.

Director of Provivienda Canarias, Fernando Rodriguez said “It is always done with the ultimate goal of improving life for homeless people in terms of health, employment, neighbourhood coexistence and in relationships with families.

Habitat is an initiative that only Arona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife have adopted in the Canary Islands. The City Councils and the Ministry of Housing are in charge of finding a house, renting it and providing it with everything necessary, so that it can be delivered fully equipped to the beneficiary.

Zaida Gonzalez, first deputy Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, says that the tenant must meet three requirements: have been living on the street for 3 years, have some type of disability and suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction.

The homes are delivered for a period of 4 years, but this can be extended. Currently in Santa Cruz de Tenerife there are over 100 homeless people.

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