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​Water Supply Breaks Down in Fuerteventura

Water Supply Breaks Down in Fuerteventura

Residents of the Villaverde area in the Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura found that they were without water for several days this week due to a breakdown in the water supply system.

Residents report that they have been without access to tap water for four days, but that this situation is a common problem for towns like Villaverde on a monthly basis.

These angry Villaverde residents claim that after a hundred hours without water, their water deposit reserves have been exhausted, and the Water Supply Consortium has not corrected the water supply problems.

The company confirms the problems of the water supply are due to a breakdown that has affected the supply of water across the Municipality of La Oliva, and has led to cuts in water supply in several locations. However, it also confirmed that breakdowns have been located and repaired, and that water supply customers should normally be reconnected within a matter of hours.

To avoid cuts in water supply in the future, the water company plans to improve the overall infrastructure of the whole island.

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